3 Habits for a Cleaner Aquarium

3 Habits for a Cleaner Aquarium

Hey everyone,

We come across a lot of cloudy, murky, and just plain dirty aquariums that here at Reef Playground. Everything from nano 10 gallon community up to 4k shark tanks with clients that differ just as widely. And what we’ve come to figure out is that the success or failure of any aquarium is directly related to the person who spends the most time with the aquarium and their habits.

1 – Buy an over-sized filter! Or at least a properly sized one. We really really reeeeaaaaaally cant stress this enough. We see so many issues associated with undersized filtration systems. Everything from build up of rotting organic waste to water murkiness and algae overgrowth. Now we do understand finances are a major limiting factor when picking the type and style of filtration system you’ll have on your aquarium. But your filter really is the most important piece of equipment on your aquarium. It may not sound like that larger sized canister, or sump, or HOB filter is worth the extra $$$, but in the long run…. it really really is….like seriously…….. The fact is that most people will overstock their aquariums. And the extra filtration capacity of an over-sized filter will come in handy when you’re cleaning up after your 10″ dog-face puffer that poops mountains each day. So spring the extra $50/$100/whatever and get the filtration system thats designed for the adult versions of the fish you want to keep. You’ll thank yourself later.

2 – Get into a routine. As with most things in life, its consistency that counts. Set-up a regular service schedule for algae scrubbing, filter maintenance, and water changes…. and then stick to it. A regular maintenance routine will help prevent waste from ever getting to the point where it leads to problems with water quality. The schedule needs to be designed for your specific tank and livestock. Every aquarium is different and a routine that works on one persons aquarium may not be the right one for your aquarium. When designing your maintenance plan,o factor in everything from filtration to tank size to livestock and feeding habits.

3 – Run quality chemical filtration. Now carbons alright, but running things like PolyFilters and chemi-pure filte

rs will do everything that carbon can plus more. It’s really the easiest way to get that crystal clean look in your aquarium. Make sure to replace them as soon as their exhausted and you’re set. Nothing to it.

Hope these tips have been a help and do let us know what topics you’d like to see on our blog in the future.

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