We’re always looking for great techs!! Are you one?

We’re always looking for great techs!! Are you one?

Do you want to help save the world and get paid for it? Do you love animals of the aquatic variety? Want to work in a company with a focus on developing sweet environmentally sustainable aquaculture practices? Well then, we’re looking to hire you.


We’re one hell of a aquarium, pond, and fountain service company serving Los Angeles. As you probably already know, the aquarium hobby is not the most eco-friendly industry around. It’s actually pretty damn detrimental. We want to build up a company that changes the way people source, keep, and care for their aquatic animals. We’re tired of being part of the problem and so we want to develop new ways of of creating amazing aquarium habitats for our clients while having as little impact on the world’s aquatic ecosystems as possible.


*****Some VERY Important notes about who we are looking for!!!!!**** ← READ THIS SHIT!!!! Then READ THE SHIT BELOW ******


If you  do not have an interest in protecting our environment!……BOUNCE!


This is a VERY VERY VEERRRRRY physical job! If you aren’t a physical person, and prefer to sit on your ass most of the day……….. This ain’t the place for ya!


If you’re not interested in working on yourself in order to improve your own quality of work and become a better asset to our company……Keep moving the hell on cowboy!


This is a very DIRTY job at times. You will be required to stick your hands into pretty nasty places…..Aquariums and ponds, focus ya dirty bastards!…..You will be sorting and cleaning, and repairing a lot of dirty equipment, ponds, fountains, etc….If you can’t handle grime and fish shit, please dont waste our time!


We are dead serious about only hiring people who have a passion for this type of work. This isn’t some “job”. We’re looking for people who want a career, we want to grow, we want you to grow, we want you to contribute your knowledge and experience and do something meaningful. This isnt some part time pass time. You want that, go apply at McD’s


Position openings:

-Amazeballs Aquarium/Pond/Fountain Service Tech – You gotta be a triple threat



-All opening positions starting at $12.00/hr. Experience will determine actual starting pay upon 3 month trial period.

-We will evaluate how much you know, how fast you learn, and your work ethic.

-Spending account to cover gas and other work related expenses


Experience and Prerequisites:

-Positive attitude! Don’t be a douche, cause we don’t want you and you want last here

-Be on-time! Ugghh, cant stress this enough.

-Experience with ornamental aquatic animals. Knowledge of freshwater and saltwater livestock is a MUST! ****

-Ability to contribute in a team environment. We hustle. You will have to either have this desire to hustle already, or a desire to learn how.


-Clean Driving Record!!!!

-Have a sense of humor. We dont want to work with you if you’re a bore brah

-Ability to pass a background check…Yup, no killers and rapists please

-Must have a reliable* Truck/Van/Suv for work.

-Have a desire to save the worlds reefs



If this sounds like an awesome career path for you. Then hit us up!


-Reef Playground Inc. Staff

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