Your Pond and UV, a match made in heaven

Your Pond and UV, a match made in heaven

Reef Playground Pro Tip # 459: If you have a pond, you should probably have a UV sterilizer on it.


Here’s a lil somethin somethin on the importance of a uv sterilizer for your pond.


If you’re not familiar with what a UV sterilizer is or does, here’s the quick scoop:A UV sterilizer is a UVc bulb wrapped inside a tube that your pond water runs through. “Short-wavelength UVC is the most damaging type of UV radiation.” Thanks Google and YYAAAAYYYY! And UVc light is used to kill any living thing that is exposed to it. This means bacteria, parasites, and AAAALLLGGGAAAEEEE. That last one is the most important one for ponds in our experience!

We’re based in SoCal, where its hot, sunny, more hot, a bit more hot, and a lot more sunny. And algae grows like wildfire in most ponds out here. Especially under-filtered ones and under maintained ones. And a simple way of helping combat algae growth in these and all ponds, is with a UV sterilizer. A properly sized unit will kill a the majority of free floating algae spores in your pond. Things like green water and hair algae are no match for a good UV light. Now a UV light won’t completely eradicate all the algae from your pond, but with a proper maintenance routine, it will slow down new growth and help keep your pond from turning into pea soup.



The downside of a UV sterilizer is that they’re a expensive to set-up, and the bulbs do need to be replaced regularly, about every 6 – 8 months. So they are an added expense. But if you live in a  warm and sunny climate, we believe it’s well worth the cost vs your alternatives. Which is spending time manually removing algae from your pond or paying someone to do it……..Like Us 😀


So if you’re having problems with your pond water looking murky, maybe a bit green, or your starting to grow a forest of hair algae along the side and bottom, definitely get a UV unit on your pond ASAP! You’re welcome


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