So what is Save A Reef? Basically, it’s a teaching program we started with the intention of teaching kids about the importance of the world’s reefs, their current health state, and the consequences of their degradation.

We got the idea for this program after we noticed that there’s a massive disconnect with whats going on in the world’s reefs and the general population. The mentality of “it’s not in my backyard so it doesn’t affect me” seems to be in full effect. And we want to change that with future generations. Our goal is for kids to not only learn about corals, but to understand their importance and how they affect everything from our food sources to our atmosphere.

We plan on installing one of our reef lease systems in every middle school and high school in LAUSD. Huge challenge! We know. But it needs to be done so that future generations have an understanding of what’s going on in our oceans.

Our lease systems will only house aqua-cultured livestock. This is the keystone of this project; Sustainably sourced livestock. We’re also going to have the students to take care of the system so they understand how sensitive some of the aquatic livestock is, especially when it comes to climate change.

Right now, we’ve installed our first test system at PUC Charter Academy in Sylmar. And as of this writing, the system is fully cycled and houses almost all of the livestock we planned on stocking it with. The students will start learning and taking care of the reef starting in the new school year this upcoming August, 2017.



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